Tour starts at 8am tomorrow!

Finishing up all the last details for our SXSW tour: CDs, T-shirts, posters, stickers, video cameras, iPods, places to sleep, things to eat, which instruments will fit, which friends we can see, which RV Park is our show in, where is that lost capo/hat/etc., drummer flying in from Hungary, how to sleep in a van, comfiest sleeping pad for floors, 4 shirts or 5, costumes?, do I really have enough money to do this?, raincoat or tough it out?, and many more.

Please keep an eye out as we will be updating the site with videos, pictures, quotes, stories and more. Tell your friends to say “Hi” to us in LA, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Denton, Santa Fe, Tucson and San Diego. Thanks to Oakland and the New Parish for getting the tour started!